Akui Kamalabala Women's College

[Govt. Aided]

Affiliated to Bankura University


About The College

 Embraced by lush greenery and scenic beauty, Akui Kamalabala Women’s College is a treasured place for aspiring female students to leave their imprints towards success.Akui Kamalabala Women’s College is a newly established undergraduate women’s college. The institution is located at Akui, Indas in the district of Bankura West Bengal and is affiliated to Bankura University. The college has completed 7 years of existence in 2023.   Since its beginning the institution has been catering to the needs of the stakeholders, locality and providing quality education to female students with pride and success. From the very beginning the college has been trying to   provide excellent education to improve the standard of women education and pave the way of women empowerment in such remote place where most of the families are financially lagging behind. The college has been   trying its best to provide quality education and proper guidance to female students in order to foster gender equity in the locality for the greater welfare of society. Within its limited infrastructure, the college is striving to   provide education with qualified teachers and dedicated staff who are rendering their service with their utmost abilities in order to achieve its objective of upholding the institution as an example in the locality. Our   institution  has been carefully designed to accommodate the needs of the female students. Libraries are moderately equipped with books .Our smart classroom is well ventilated, spacious, and equipped with modern teaching   learning tools for imparting experiential learning to the students. We are obliged to equip our students with all the necessary skill sets in terms of subject knowledge, interpersonal skills, communication, and leadership skills   to get placed in various sectors of society. The faculty members are helping students with their subject competency, communication skills along with career guidance and counselling. We welcome all aspirant female students to create an incredible legacy in the field of women education.